Inter Milan fan Ultras group, the Curva Nord, have responded to the incident involving a threatening banner aimed at wingback Federico Dimarco by AC Milan Ultras.

Responding on their official Instagram account, the Curva Nord argue that Dimarco made a mistake to incur the Rossoneri fan’s anger.

However, they contend it should be settled now.

During the celebrations for Tuesday’s derby win over Milan, Dimarco led Inter fans in chanting with a megaphone.

The 25-year-old, who is born and raised in Milan and a boyhood Nerazzurri fan, celebrated with the fans.

Among the chants that Dimarco made was one aimed specifically at the Curva Sud Milan ultras group.

Evidently, members of the Sud were not pleased by this, to put it mildly.

The Sud responded by posting a banner near Dimarco’s house.

The banner read, “Dimarco – focus on playing, or we’ll make you swallow your tongue.”

Milan prosecutors have even opened a criminal investigation into alleged aggravated threats over the incident.

Curva Nord – Federico Dimarco Made Mistake Personally Insulting AC Milan Fans

The Nord have made their own response to this incident.

The Nord’s interpretation is that the Sud had reason to be upset with one particular chant from Dimarco.

A represeentative of the ultras group gave their statement on their Instagram page:

“What happened is an unpleasant matter.

“Federico is a fan favourite, we love him madly because he came through our academy, and therefore he means something special to us.

“In our opinion, he made a mistake to begin with.

“Federico is a young man with lots of heart.

“He felt the importance of that win deep inside, and he wanted to express his happiness with levity.

“As he admitted, though, he sang some chants that went beyond the normal banter between Inter and Milan.

“What usually happens is that players engage in banter aimed at the opposition clubs, or make fun about Inter’s wins over Milan or vice-versa,” the Nord explains their rationale.

“Federico did something a little different.

“He sang a chant the Curva Nord no longer sings for some time now.

“This is because of a political choice, to not talk about physical altercations.

“However, Federico ignored that, and initiated a chant that cut to the bone for Milan fans.

“It’s fine to banter about one team going to the final, but we would have been annoyed if a Milan player took a shot at our Curva.

“He fell into the trap of insulting the Milan Curva, and they have every reason to feel angry about this incident.

“We’ve taken the position of the player who apologized,” the Curva Nord continued.

“We are inclined towards defending Federico and defending him. He was humble and apologized.

“Banter is legitimate if it pertains to the clubs, but any banter aimed at the Curvas runs the risk of affecting certain delicate balances.

“There’s a pact that has been around for generations. There’s a lot of respect.

“There are people in the Curva Nord with family members in the Curva Sud. There are personal friendships due to the fact that our children go to school together.

“When the banter becomes about the fans, it goes off-script.

“There’s a climate of peace, but we dissociate ourselves from what’s written in the newspapers.

“We’re correct in having accepted Dimarco’s apology,” the Nord respresentative states.

“And to show the Sud that the young man made a mistake, and they understood this.

“Now everyone goes their own way. No more need for any revenge – the story ends here” the statement ends.