Milan prosecutors have opened up an investigation into aggravated threats for a banner aimed at Inter Milan wingback Federico Dimarco.

This according to Italian news outlet FCInterNews, who report that investigators from the Milan prosecutors’ office are looking into the banner which some AC Milan posted outside the 25-year-old’s house in response to anti-Rossoneri chants after Tuesday’s Milan derby.

A threatening banner was unveiled overnight near the house of Inter wingback Dimarco in Milan.

The banner implored the Nerazzurri star to “Dimarco – focus on playing, or we’ll make you swallow your tongue.”

This was in reference to some chants made by the 25-year-old. Whilst Dimarco was celebrating Tueday’s Champions League win over Milan with Nerazzurri fans, the wingback led fans in the Curva Nord stand in chants with a megaphone.

One of these chants was an anti-Rossoneri chant aimed specifically at the Curva Nord Milan ultras group.

This was, to say the least, not appreciated by members of the Sud. They made their response clear in the form of the banner aimed at Dimarco.

Threats Against Inter Milan’s Federico Dimarco May Have Gone Too Far

The content of this banner – an obvious threat and attempt at intimidation – may have gone too far.

An investigation has been opened up into the incident. Milan prosecutors are coordinating with DIGOS (a special investigation unit that often deals in organized crime and anti-terrorism).

The investigation will be led by prosecutor Marcello Viola.

It is not certain what kind of punishments the Rossoneri ultras responsible could face.

What is clear, however, is that the banner is being treated as a serious matter by the authorities. The investigators are looking at the banner as an incidence of an aggravated threat, which could be consider illegal depending on the outcome of their investigation.