Italian journalist feels that there’s only one person responsible for Inter Milan’s Serie A defeat to Napoli yesterday evening – midfielder Roberto Gagliardini.

Tweeting after the match, the journalist singled out Gagliardini’s disaster display as he was sent off in the first half.

Gagliardini, to put it mildly, did not have the intended impact against Napoli yesterday evening.

The 29-year-old was deployed as part of a midfield trio. He was not exactly dictating the tempo in either phase of play, though.

Then, Gagliardini got himself sent off for what looked to be a reckless second yellow. The ex-Atalanta midfielder had already been fairly fortunate to be on the pitch up to that point after avoiding what could have been an earlier second yellow card.

Now, the 29-year-old will not play for Inter at San Siro again. He will be suspended for the Nerazzurri’s final home fixture of the season, against Atalanta in the league.

Italian Journalist Hits Out At Roberto Gagliardini For Showing Vs Napoli

Biasin has made his feelings clear on Gagliardini.

For the journalist, no one else was particularly culpable for the result. Even in a match which clearly represented a somewhat tired and heavily-rotated Nerazzurri side, everyone gave their all.

However, the nature of Gagliardini’s second yellow did not exactly reflect well on the 29-year-old.

The midfielder was not unfortunate to get himself sent off. There was little reason for a player who was already on a yellow card to go flying into challenges as he was continuing to do.

The Nerazzurri could well have gone on to lose the match anyway even with eleven men on the pitch. However, Gagliardini’s moment of madness was certainly no help to them.

Biasin tweeted that “When a team has a fixture list like Inter’s, a coach has every right to use all his players. Then, he has every right to believe that when a player says ‘Understood, coach’ that he’s really understood.”

“There’s only one person to blame for this loss,” he continued. “Everyone else, applause.”