Inter Milan ultras group the Curva Nord could stage a protest at this evening’s Coppa Italia final against Fiorentina in response to their issues with access to tickets for the Champions League final next month.

This according to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, via FCInter1908, who report that the Nord could decline to display any tifos at the Stadio Olimpico as part of their protest.

Typically, in a match of the significance of the Coppa Italia final, ornate displays can be expected from the crowd.

The Nord are certainly a group known for going to great lengths to make lavish tifos, particularly in the biggest matches.

Accordingly, it would generally have been assumed that the Nerazzurri ultras group would be in full force at the Olimpico. In normal circumstances, the Nord would be expected to make a massive display of support for the team.

However, the ultras group are currently in disagreement with the club regarding the manner in which tickets to the Champions League final against Manchester City next month in Istanbul have been made available.

Curva Nord Could Stage Coppa Italia Protest Over UCL Tickets

Each of Inter and Man City have been allocated around 20,000 tickets for their fans next month.

How those tickets are sold and made available at the discretion of the clubs. Inter have been getting ready to sell the tickets to the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul through their website.

However, the Nord in particular have taken issue with some aspects of how the tickets are being made available.

As such, according to Mediaset, the group are prepared to stage a protest.

The Nord are seriously considering abstaining from displaying any tifos at the Olimpico this evening in order to express their grievance.

Mediaset report that there are currently mediation talks ongoing between representatives of the club and of the Nord.