Ultras group Curva Nord explained why they suspended protests during the Coppa Italia final between Fiorentina and Inter Milan.

The Nord released an official press release, reported via FCInter1908, explaining that they decided they had to support their team.

Before yesterday evening’s match, there had been reports that the Nord could decide to stage a fan protest.

The Curva Nord are unhappy with how Inter are allocating tickets for the Champions League final. According to the Curva Nord, the club hasn’t done enough to ensure that the hardcore regular fans can purchase tickets.

Accordingly, the group was reportedly heavily considering staging a protest at yesterday evening’s Coppa Italia final.

Their idea would have been to refrain from the usual tifos and chanting during the first half.

However, in the end, this did not take place for the entire first half. During the half, the Inter ultras made their voices heard.

As the Nord explain in their press release, they took the decision that they ultimately had to support the team.

Curva Nord: Important To Support Inter Milan Vs Fiorentina

The Curva Nord detail their reasons explaining why they were silent in the beginning of the Coppa Italia final.

“As everyone certainly noticed, the Nord – whilst the match was already in progress – decided to partially suspend the announced fan protest that had been promised for the entire course of the first half of the final in Rome.

“Once again, reasons of the heart have gotten the better of pride and legitimate grievances. We felt that we needed to band together for the common good and support the team who were struggling on the pitch.

“But now is the time for all of the immense love that we have, which we also want to bring to Turkey, to be reciprocated.

“Let us be clear: HEART and LOVE are the engine that drives us to be there. And certainly not our wallets as some ‘experts’ are already hard at work trying to make the public believe.”

The group note that “The Nord has always financed itself through the distribution of its material, fanzines, and the subscriptions of its members.”

“Thanks to the great organizational competence and the ability to save funds for just such occasions as the finals in Rome and Istanbul, it has been possible to self-finance tifos, travel, and other matters.”