Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi feels that the secret to the Nerazzurri’s performances in big matches is knowing how to suffer.

Speaking to InterTV after beating Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia, via FCInterNews, the coach praised how his team handled the difficult moments in order to win the Coppa Italia for the second season running.

Inter didn’t always have things their own way yesterday evening at the Stadio Olimpico.

This was certainly evident when Fiorentina scored very early one, inside the third minute.

Then, after Inter turned it around, La Viola threw the kitchen sink at them in the second half of the match.

Inter had plenty of defending to do in that second half. The Nerazzurri backline had to stay switched on, and the entire team had to keep compact until the final whistle.

There were even a few scares as Fiorentina created a couple dangerous chances.

However, Inzaghi’s team saw out the win, and the Coppa Italia trophy. From the coach’s perspective, this was a win that was all about suffering.

Inter Milan Coach Simone Inzaghi: Knowing How To Suffer Key

“We played an excellent 35 minutes,” Inzaghi said of the first half. ‘Clearly our initial approach had to be better, but the team remained switched-on. They played the last 35 minutes of the first half in the best way.”

“In the second half we got off to a good start,” he noted. “Then a few gaps started to appear and we conceded a few chances, but Fiorentina also played an excellent match.”

Asked if this match showed that Inter know how to suffer, Inzaghi replied “Absolutely.”

“That’s the secret to winning these matches all together,” he continued. “We did well.”

Inzaghi called winning the Coppa again “A very important win.”

“We’re enjoying tonight, but starting tomorrow we already have to start thinking about the match against Atalanta.”

Asked if he’s also starting to think about the Champions League final against Manchester City, Inzaghi replied “Absolutely, but one step at a time.”

“First we’ve focused on this one,” he said of the final against Fiorentina. “Then about the two matches left in the league.”

“Then we think about Istanbul, which in our minds is already normal,” Inzaghi concluded.