Inter Milan have already earned over €100 million from participation in the Champions League this season.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews, who note that the earnings of Serie A clubs for the campaign could exceed €400 million from European competition depending on the outcome of the three finals.

Inter’s earnings from the Champions League have far exceeded expectations this campaign.

Whilst the Nerazzurri had around €50 million in hand from the group stage, they’ve gone well beyond that.

With the inclusion of the market pool, Inter have earned over €100 million. This is before any gate receipts from the San Siro for the three additional knockout matches played there are taken into consideration.

Then, if the Nerazzurri were to win the final they would earn over €108 million.

This comes from a combination of €4.5 million in prize money for winning the final, and then the €3.5 million for participating in next season’s European Super Cup match.

Inter Milan Massive Champions League At Forefront Of Serie A Re-Emergence In Europe

As the Gazzetta noted, Inter’s earnings from the Champions League are at the forefront of a big increase in the earnings of Serie A teams within European competition this season.

Last campaign, Italian sides had taken in a total of €274 million.

This time around, that has jumped to over €383 million. Teams from Serie A have already exceeded last season’s European earnings by a margin of over €110 million.

Inter’s Champions league earnings lead the way in this respect. However, the fact that two other Italian teams have also made deep runs in Europe also contributes.

Roma will face Sevilla in the Europa League final at the end of this month. Then, next month, Fiorentina will come up against West Ham United in the Europa Conference League final.

If all three Serie A teams were to win the finals, the total earnings for Italian clubs from Europa would go beyond €400 million.