Finnish businessman Thomas Zilliacus has given a coy response to the rumours that he could bid to buy Inter Milan from Suning.

Tweeting in response to the rumours, Zilliacus stressed not distracting the team, whilst praising Nerazzurri President Steven Zhang.

It is no secret that Inter are linked with a potential sale.

Reuters link Finnish businessman Zilliacus with a potential takeover..

They note that Inter owners Suning have been working with US-based investment bank Goldman Sachs and boutique bank Raine Group. This is for the purpose of searching for interest in either purchasing or investing in the Nerazzurri.

Raine Group facilitated the takeover of Premier League giants Chelsea last year.

Thomas Zilliacus: Let’s Not Distract Inter Milan Ahead Of UCL Final

These rumours arrive at a time when Inter are in the spotlight for their successes on the pitch.

The Nerazzurri have reached the final of the Champions League. In just over a week, they’ll face Manchester City for European football’s biggest club trophy.

Zilliacus has stressed that now is not the time to focus on takeover rumours. He gives his support to the Nerazzurri on the pitch instead.

“People are asking me whether I want to buy Inter Milan,” he tweeted.

“Steven Zhang is the owner and has done an amazing job. He has my deepest respect.”

“Let’s all agree not to disturb his and the teams concentration on the Champions League final,” Zilliacus makes clear.

Zilliacus had previously been linked with a bid to buy Premier League giants Manchester United.

However, the Finnish entrepreneur had been unable to find an equity partner to finance the move.

The likes of Bahrain-based fund InvestCorp and Italian businessman Andrea Radrizzani are among those linked with bids to buy Inter.

Reuters suggest that in the coming weeks, advisers could set a deadline for the current round of bidding.