Romelu Lukau has revealed that some of the players who last won the Champions League with Inter Milan during the Treble season see parallels in this current Nerazzurri team.

Speaking to US broadcaster CNN, the Belgian also had praise for Champions League final opponents Man City.

Inter are in the Champions League final for the first time in thirteen years.

The last time that the Nerazzurri reached this stage, they went all the way, crowning a European Treble. It remains to be seen if this Inter side can emulate their predecessors by lifting the Champions League trophy.

For his part, however, striker Lukaku believes that they can do it. Moreover, he sees that belief shared by some of the former Inter players who have already been there and won in a Champions League final.

Lukaku: Inter Milan Have “Brotherhood” Like 2010 Treble Team

Striker Lukaku notes that a lot of the togetherness that has been at the core of reaching the Champions League final was forged over the past few seasons.

“It was an emotional time because we really as a team, we spent so much time together,” he said of the Serie A title win in 2021.

“At that time I really spent much more time with my teammates than with my oldest son…playing a game, going back to the hotel, staying in the room, watching games together, stuff like that.”

Compared to the 2010 Treble side, he said that “It’s very similar.”

“And to be honest, the funny thing is a lot of those players from that 2010 band, they come and watch our games and they feel the same thing.”

Of facing Man City, Lukaku said that “It’s a beautiful thing, playing probably against the best team in the world. I just want to enjoy it, not having pressure, just enjoy the moment, enjoy the buildup, go there to have the best result possible.”

Regarding City striker Erling Haaland, he said that “I think he will dominate, with Mbappé, world football for the next 10 years. They will be fighting from the new generation…They will really take over (from Messi and Ronaldo) in the next two years.”

He observed that “Man City is a well-drilled team…Guardiola is such a good coach because every game is a different game plan.”

“It’s not the same. They have different patterns every game…”

“And you know (Haaland) with these movements and the way how they open defenses up at the end,” he added. “He will get those chances because those movements and the patterns that they do, they synchronize very well.”