Inter Milan & AC Milan will have to build new stadiums outside the city of Milano as San Siro plans look dead in the water.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper La Repubblica, via FCInterNews.

For the past several years, the Inter and Milan have pursued a specific plan.

The two clubs have aimed to demolish the San Siro and build a new stadium in its place.

The new stadium would be shared between the clubs, as the San Siro currently is.

However, the clubs would own it rather than renting it from the municipality of Milan.

The Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri view the new stadium project as vital for modernizing their infrastructure and increasing revenues.

Inter & Milan Likely To Have To Build New Stadiums Outside Milano

For the past several months, the feasibility of these plans has looked increasingly unlikely, however.

A number of bureaucratic obstacles have continued to delay approval for construction.

This has continued even after the conclusion of the public debate on the matter. The clubs had hoped that his would be a decisive step forward.

Whilst many different potential bureaucratic obstacles have mounted, the real death knell could be an injunction granted against demolishing the San Siro.

If such an injunction comes into force on the seventieth anniversary of the construction of the stadium’s second tier, then there is little doubt. The clubs cannot possibly move forward.

Even after a public debate that Inter and Milan had hoped would get things moving, the delays have mounted.

Moreover, the Rossoneri’s consideration of building in the La Maura area adjacent to the San Siro looks infeasible, La Repubblica reports.

Therefore, circumstances are increasingly forcing the two clubs’ hands.

They will likely have to pursue plans to build away from the city of Milano. Precisely where that will be is uncertain, however.