Four AC Milan ultras have been identified and are under investigation for a a banner containing death threats to Inter Milan’s Federico Dimarco.

This according to the online edition of Italian newspaper La Repubblica, who report that investigators are looking into charges of aggravated threats against the life of the Nerazzurri star, whilst they are are also looking for more participants in the incident.

Last month after Inter beat AC Milan in the Champions League semifinal second leg, some Rossoneri ultras hung a banner outside the home of Inter wingback Dimarco.

The banner was in response to a chant that the 25-year-old had led with a megaphone whilst celebrating.

The Milan ultras (part of the Curva Sud) felt that certain chants humiliates them.

The Curva Sud ultras responded to these chants with a banner which read: “Dimarco – Focus on playing, or we’ll make you swallow your tongue.”

Investigators Identify Four AC Milan Ultras For Posting Death Threat Banners To Federico Dimarco

Inter’s own ultras group the Curva Nord controversially took the side of the Milan ultras in the incident.

They argued that since the particular chant is not sung anymore an agreement with the Rossoneri ultras, the banner was a proportional response by the Sud.

However, this is not how the relevant authorities see the incident.

DIGOS (Divisione Investigazioni Generali e Operazioni Speciali) have been investigating the banner incident.

This is a division of the Italian federal police which deals with incidents including terrorism and organized crime.

The investigators are treating the banner incident as an aggravated threat on Federico Dimarco’s life.

Background To Banner Incident Between AC Milan Ultras & Dimarco

During the celebration of last month’s Champions League semifinal derby victory, Dimarco took a prominent role.

The 25-year-old is a boyhood Nerazzurri fan, and enjoys a special relationship with the Inter fans.

As part of the celebrations, Dimarco led the Inter fans in the crowd through a chant.

This is also something he’d done after the Supercoppa Italiana win over Milan in January in Saudi Arabia.

One chant in particular, however, provoked the ire of the Milan ultras.

This chant was specifically aimed at the Curva Sud.