Legendary former Man City striker Sergio Aguero has given his thoughts on Lautaro Martinez, Edin Dzeko, and Julian Alvarez ahead of UCL final.

Speaking to the official social media channel of Man City, Aguero expressed his admiration for Inter striker Martinez, but made clear that he’ll be rooting for his old team in tomorrow evening’s Champions League final.

There should be little doubt as to where former Manchester City striker Aguero’s sympathies will lie tomorrow.

The Argentine made 390 appearances for the Cityzens over the course of a decade at the club. In that time, he scored 260 goals, making him the club’s all-time top-scorer.

Aguero is naturally hoping to see the team with which he enjoyed such a fantastic tenure finally prevail. Aguero and City got close to winning the Champions League on a few occasions, but never went all the way.

However, the 35-year-old will also be watching a compatriot and a former City teammate on the Nerazzurri side tomorrow.

Man City Legend Sergio Aguero Gives Thoughts On Lautaro, Dzeko & Alvarez

“It’s a great pride to have two major Argentine players in the Champions League final,” he said.

“We’ve seen the brilliant season Julian has had, with positive notes in every direction.

“I’ve always said it’s not easy to adapt to your first season in Europe when you have come from South America, but even so, Julian was able to perform excellently and stay up to the level demanded by a club like City.

“He’s scored crucial goals, adopted the team’s style, and showed nothing but commitment.

“There’s many joys to come for City thanks to Julian, I believe.”

“As for Lautaro, after the World Cup, he’s had a very important part to play for Inter and he’s a key member of the team.

“It’d be great to see him play with Julian at the same time – but I cannot be neutral in this case. I hope City and Julian win this game, that’s what we’ve all been waiting for.”

And Aguero admitted he couldn’t be happier for his old friend and former strike partner Edin Dzeko to be playing in such a huge game at the age of 37.

“It does make me really glad,” he said.

“He deserves it. He’s an amazing player and a great human being, too.

“I can’t help looking back to the goal he scored against QPR in 2012 – that made turning the tables possible in such an important match.

“Edin remains a dangerous player with a will to score at any moment. I’m not surprised he’s been able to perform so well this season.”