Former Inter Milan CEO Ernesto Paolillo is hoping that club president Steven Zhang sells the Nerazzurri.

The 77-year-old served as Chief Executive Officer back when Massimo Moratti was the club’s president and owner.

He would like to see his former club under the tutelage of a new owner who can guide the club towards safe waters.

“I hope that Zhang sells Inter, leaving them in good hands,” said Paolillo in an interview with via FcInterNews.

“A club like the Nerazzurri must always have the categorical imperative to navigate in safe waters.”

Nonetheless, Paolillo rules out the return of Moratti, the former president who led the Beneamata towards an unforgettable treble in 2010.

“Moratti won’t buy back Inter. There’s a time for everything. We’ve done our duty, now it’s the turn of others.”

The ex-Inter CEO also discussed the legal troubles that ensued at Juventus in recent years.

Paolillo says he was shocked by how poorly some of the Bianconeri’s managers conducted while in charge.

“I was more struck by the ingenuity of certain managers.How do you do things like that when you know you’re working for a publicly-trading company?!

“Unfortunately, the image of Italian football has also suffered from these incidents”

This was a reference to the Prisma and Plusvalenza trials that occurred during the season.

Juventus received a 10-point deduction in the Capital Gains trial. They then agreed a plea bargain in the salary maneuvers case which saw them receive a fine.