Inter Milan are not in any rush to extend the contract of their coach Simone Inzaghi this summer.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews, who report that the 47-year-old could instead put pen to paper on a new deal with the Nerazzurri in September or October.

There is certainly no question that Inzaghi will start next season at the helm of Inter.

Both Nerazzurri CEO Beppe Marotta and President Steven Zhang have publicly backed Inzaghi to remain next season. As such, the CEO will want to sort out an agreement on a new deal for the coach.

However, there is then the question of the former Lazio coach’s contract.

As things stand, Inzaghi’s deal runs out at the end of next June.

Inter CEO Marotta has a longstanding policy of not going into the start of a season with a coach in the final year of their deal. Marotta prefers the security of having the coach tied down for the future.

However, things will be a bit different with Inzaghi, the Corriere reports.

Inter Milan Not Extending Contract Of Simone Inzaghi Just Yet

According to the Corriere, Inter will let the summer past without extending Inzaghi’s deal.

After extensive meetings with the coach to plan out the summer transfer window and the start of next season, the club and coach have decided to let the situation rest for the time being.

The reason for this is that they want to see how the next few months go before pen is put to paper on a new deal.

One reason for this is that there could still be one or two doubts about Inzaghi in Serie A.

The coach certainly assuaged those doubts with how he ended last season. The coach put some serious wobbles in form behind the team to recover and finish third in Serie A, win the Coppa Italia, and reach the Champions League final.

However, the Corriere reports, the Nerazzurri directors haven’t totally forgotten about the spells of bad league form.

Inter had virtually been in crisis mode in the league just a few weeks before they reached the Champions League final.

Then, there is the question of the transfer market.

Inter and Inzaghi are still waiting to see how they navigate a potentially treacherous summer window. Inzaghi is anxious to see what the squad at his disposal looks like in September.

Accordingly, both the club and coach are prepared to wait until September or October. Then, they’re hoping that they still want to commit to the future together.