Simone Inzaghi feels that goalkeeper Andre Onana is a player who Inter Milan shouldn’t sell no matter what.

This according to Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin, who outlines “Ithe situation in his column for Italian broadcaster SportItalia, also connecting it to the Nerazzurri’s strategy for signing Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea.

Onana’s future at Inter is currently subject to a lot of speculation.

Premier League giants Manchester United are keen on the 27-year-old’s signature.

At the moment, the Red Devils’ interest in Onana is something of a will-they-or-won’t-they proposition. There is no doubt that United consider Onana a target, but it is very uncertain whether or not they will make a big push to sign the player, particularly financially speaking.

For their part, Inter would not let Onana go for cheap. The Nerazzurri are widely reported to value the Cameroonian at no less than €50-60 million.

The Nerazzurri reportedly want Valencia’s Giorgi Mamardashvili as a replacement if Onana heads to the exit door.

However, according to Biasin, Inzaghi doesn’t want Onana to be up for sale, period.

Simone Inzaghi Wants Andre Onana To Stay At Inter Milan No Matter What

Biasin writes that “Above all, for Inzaghi the Cameroonian goalkeeper is truly one of the untouchables. Not just because of a question of how good he is in goal, but also the approach he allows the team to take.”

“A team that’s presumably going to lose its regista (Brozovoic) can hardly afford to lose its ‘other regista’ (yes, I mean Onana),” Biasin suggests.

“They would only consider a truly ridiculous offer for him,” he writes of Inter’s stance on Onana.

“If the question is whether or not to sell Onana to sign Lukaku, then they have a lot of thinking to do,” Biasin noted. “What’s the point in going back to a deal that brought them €108 million two years ago?”

He makes clear that “Inter will do everything they can to keep Big Rom. But they will not offer Chelsea €40 million.”