Haven’t you heard the news yet? The iconic EA Sports game Fifa is going through a shakeup. The Fifa 2023 game will be the last in the longstanding and iconic gaming series that started in 1993 – 30 years of history. That’s not to say that the game is going anywhere; it’s simply going through a facelift and changing its name to EA Sports FC. Opinions on this one are welcome. The reason is simply that EA Sports failed to reach a new licensing agreement in time with Fifa, so it had no choice but to rebrand the game.

EA knows that when games download, players want an immersive experience. Having clubs, like they’ve had in numerous FIFA iterations, without proper names and badges disrupts that experience and misses expectations. They want all clubs in their game.

Now onto the question at hand, will Inter Milan feature in EAFC24? The question is at hand because, notably, Inter nearly didn’t make it in the Fifa 23 game because they also nearly failed to reach licensing agreements in time. Will they feature in the EAFC24 game? Let’s explore.

How Do EA Sports Determine What Teams Are In The Games?

One of the primary factors influencing team inclusion in FIFA games is licensing agreements and partnerships. EA Sports secures licensing deals with football associations, leagues, and individual clubs to acquire the rights to feature their teams, players, and stadiums in the game. These agreements often involve financial considerations, negotiations, and specific terms determining which clubs can be included.

The licensing process isn’t straightforward, which is why clubs like Inter and AC Milan nearly didn’t make it. EA Sports aims to secure partnerships with a diverse range of clubs worldwide. You don’t have to be a top club to be in the game, but being a top club doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a given to be included in the game. Popular football leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and major international tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League are highly sought after for inclusion in the game.

Another crucial factor in team selection for FIFA games is the popularity and fan demand for specific teams. EA Sports takes into account the global appeal and fan base of clubs when deciding which teams to feature prominently. Teams with a large and passionate following, such as Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus, are often given significant focus in the game to cater to the preferences of a wide range of fans.

Ultimately, however, the licensing agreement will rule all, and that’s why Inter nearly didn’t make the cut in 2023.

Will Inter Be In the New 24 Addition?

According to a statement by EA Sports, it was confirmed that Inter will be in EAFC24. If Inter becomes exclusive in eFootball, that will begin in 2024/2025. So, fans of Inter, fear not, they will be included in the new game – and how couldn’t they be, after making it all the way to the champions league final? They’re an iconic team, and after being so successful in this year’s champions league, it would be impossible for EA Sports to not include them – you could say it would be detrimental to the success of the game.

Will The Rebranded Game Be Any Different?

No, the game isn’t expected to be much different – aside from the fact that Fifa won’t be a feature, it’ll be purely EA Sports. Some people won’t take the change lightly – after all, the game they know and love is changing slightly. It’s like when a TV show changes characters, and you must get used to it again. Fear not – the gameplay will be as you have always known.

So, to answer the question, Inter nearly didn’t make it to the new EAFC24, but it looks like they’re in. The game has a planned release date of September 29, 2023, with many people already anticipating the release. The question is, will you pick Inter as your team?