Inter Milan would gain around €52.7 million to €57.7 million in their balance sheet by selling Andre Onana to Man United.

This according to Italian football finance news outlet Calcio e Finanza, who calculate the total financial impact of the transfer on the Nerazzurri if it is to go through at the figures that the clubs are reportedly discussing.

As of yet, nothing is official. Onana is still an Inter Player.

However, that may not be the case for much longer.

Reports suggest that things are moving along very quickly and the Cameroonian should make the move to Manchester United. The player is reportedly ready to agree a five-year deal at Old Trafford.

And the clubs are by all accounts in very advanced talks to make the deal happen.

The fees that have been reported tend to be around €50 million to €55 million. Once the Red Devils make an offer that exceeds €50 million, that should mark a decisive point in negotiations.

How Much Inter Milan Would Be Financially Impacted By Sale Of Onana To Man United

Given that Onana arrived at Inter on a free transfer last summer, his weight in their balance sheet is not much.

The 27-year-old’s “historical value” is just over €1.9 million. For the coming set of accounts, he is weighted at €1.55 million.

Therefore, that is all that would have to be deducted from a transfer fee for the player. Everything else would be a pure capital gain.

Therefore, at the reported fees, Inter would record a capital gain between €48.45 million and €53.55 million for the sale.

Then, there is the question of Inter’s savings on Onana’s wages.

Inter will save around €4.3 million gross per season on the keeper’s earnings.

This means that that total can be added to the capital gain from the fee.

Accordingly, Inter’s balance sheet will be positively impacted to the tune of €52.7 million to €57.7 million by the sale of Onana.