West Ham United striker Gianluca Scamacca always felt that his former Sassuolo teammate Davide Frattesi would join Inter Milan.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview published in today’s print edition, via FCInterNews, the 24-year-old Italian international also gave the view that the Nerazzurri are the right move for Frattesi.

Both of Scamacca and Frattesi are players who have been linked with Inter in the past couple years.

This is only natural, as both are among the most promising talents to emerge in the Italian national setup. Moreover, both of the pair were Sassuolo players, a club known for doing business with the Nerazzurri.

In the end, the pair have trod slightly different paths.

Frattesi is now officially an Inter player – the 23-year-old completed the move last week.

On the other hand, Scamacca already left Sassuolo last summer. The Azzurri striker made the big money move to West Ham United.

It hasn’t quite worked out for Scamacca on an individual level, as his best form has eluded him in east London. On the other hand, the 24-year-old has won the Europa Conference League with the Hammers.

Now, reports suggest that Scamacca could be headed back to Italy. Roma reportedly lead the chase, although all the big clubs including Inter are interested.

Gianluca Scamacca On Davide Frattesi Move To Inter Milan

Scamacca, who is personal friends with Frattesi off the pitch, said that “I knew that he would join Inter.”

“He’s a midfielder who bombs forward into the area, and he’s great at timing his runs,” the striker added. “Inzaghi’s team will be perfect for him.”

“He made the right choice in joining Inter,” Scamacca added of Frattesi. “He had the chance to play for a big Italian club.”

“I didn’t have the same chance, because there was less money available last summer,” the 24-year-old striker looked back.

“And I’m also more open-minded than Davide. And I’m satisfied with my choice, the Premier League is like the NBA of football.”

Scamacca Admits Injuries Hindered First Season At West Ham

The former Sassuolo striker also revealed a detail accounting for why his first season at West Ham didn’t live up to expectations.

“Maybe people don’t realize it, but I played all of last season with a torn meniscus,” Scamacca admitted.

“Then at a certain point it was impossible to continue and I ended up undergoing surgery,” he added.

“Up to March, I played 27 matches, scored eight goals. It could have been better, but it also could’ve been worse.”

Scamacca also stated that “Winning the Conference League gave everyone immense joy. That was our goal from the beginning of the season.”

“I didn’t play in the final against Fiorentina, sure. But I still feel that that trophy is partly mine – I scored three goals in seven matches.”

Scamacca Praises Declan Rice

Scamacca was also full of praise for Declan Rice upon the English superstar’s imminent move to Arsenal.

Of the mammoth €120 million price tag for Rice, he remarked “If anything, that’s too low! He’s a great player, he reminds me of Gerrard.”

“He’s the best midfielder I’ve ever played with,” he added of West Ham’s captain last season.

Asked if Frattesi would be offended by that assertion, Scamacca replied that “He’s not sensitive about these things. And he’s a midfielder with different characteristics, anyway.”

West Ham Striker Hints At Future Move To Serie A

Scamacca was then asked about a prospective move to Serie A.

“I’ve always made decisions with my heart, and I’ll continue doing so in the future,” he responded.

“And you know what the colours of my heart are,” he added, hinting at his childhood Roma allegiances.

“But at the moment I’m a West Ham player,” Scamacca added. “And, despite all the rumours, I’m doing well here.”