The Mayor of Rozzano admits that he hopes Inter or AC Milan build a new stadium in his commune, though that appears utopian.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Il Giorno in an interview published in today’s print edition, via FCInterNews, Rozzano Mayor Giovanni Ferretti De Luca weighed in on the possibility that his commune could play host to the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri’s new stadium.

Right now, Inter and Milan are considering their next move in terms of their new stadium plans.

What is clear is that both clubs consider building a new stadium to be a vital development. They want to modernize their infrastructure and increase revenues to keep up at the top of European football.

And, given the continued bureaucratic delays to plans to build a new structure to replace the San Siro, they are looking at other options.

Building in a commune that is part of the Milan metropolitan area but not part of the city itself would be one idea. And Rozzano has been one name that has come up.

For his part, the commune’s Mayor would welcome the idea. That is not to say, however, that he sees it as an overly realistic possibility.

Rozzano Mayor Gives Thoughts On Inter & AC Milan Stadium

Ferretti said that “I hope they would build a new stadium in our commune. But it seems utopian to me that Inter or Milan would build a stadium here.”

“The area in question is accessible by the A7 West Ring Road via the Piazza Maggi junction. It’s also accessible by subway.”

“Of course, some interventions would be necessary to improve transport and traffic,” Ferretti admitted.

“It’s an area that has been used for residential development for years.”

The Rozzano Mayor noted that “Having a structure like a stadium would have a big impact on our commune economically, in terms of the jobs that it would bring.”

And regarding the short-term future, Ferretti predicted that “Perhaps Milan will build their own stadium, we’ll see if it’s in San Donato. But then we Nerazzurri fans will remain at San Siro, and probably share it with Monza.”