A prominent leader from the Curva Nord ultras group has poured cold water on a rumour of a phone call with Romelu Lukaku.

Nord leader Marco Ferdico branded the Gazzetta dello Sport’s report of a call between the ultras group and the striker where he promised he would not join Juventus as “fake news” in a post on his Instagram story, via L’Interista.

In today’s print edition, Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport made a report that Lukaku spoke with the Curva Nord.

The Belgian’s move to Inter has collapsed. The Nerazzurri have pulled the plug after discovering the extent of his negotiations with Juventus.

Naturally, this has put the rumour mill in full swing regarding the possibility that the Belgian will join the Bianconeri.

The Gazzetta suggested that Lukaku had reassured the Nord that this wouldn’t be the case. The newspaper reported that the 30-year-old wanted to give his side of the story to the ultras and also make clear that he won’t join Inter’s bitter rivals Juventus.

Curva Nord Leader Pours Could Water On Suggestion Of Romelu Lukaku Phone Call

However, Nord leader Ferdico put the brakes on this notion.

He calls the Gazzetta’s report “fake news” on his Instagram story.

This would seem to indicate, therefore, that Lukaku never actually made any promises about not joining Juventus. Nor, apparently, has the Belgian yet reached out to try and make Inter’s hardcore fans understand his decision or mend any fences.

According to the Gazzetta’s timeline, Lukaku got in touch with the Nord after Inter angrily told him his move is off.

But based on Ferdico’s fervent denial of that version of events, perhaps he has done no such thing.

It therefore remains for Lukaku to try and reach out to Inter fans.

With Nerazzurri supporters left confused by what’s happened in the past couple days, it seems likely that Lukaku will try and give his side of the story eventually.