Inter Milan ultras group the Curva Nord have given a scathing goodbye to striker Romelu Lukaku after the shock conclusion to the Belgian’s transfer soap opera.

Writing in a short message on their social media accounts, via FCInter1908, the Nord made their stance on Lukaku abundantly clear.

Lukaku’s story with Inter has ended decisively, and the mood is not one of a fond farewell.

The Nerazzurri pulled the plug on their pursuit of the Belgian from Chelsea a few days ago. This followed their discovery of the extent of his negotiations with Juventus this summer.

Reportedly, Inter Sporting Director Piero Ausilio contacted Lukaku only briefly to inform him it’s over.

The phone call between the Nerazzurri executive and the ex-Everton and Manchester United striker lasted just thirty seconds. But Ausilio made his point clear – the player’s antics enraged Inter and there is no room for reconciliation.

Given the traditional and highly bitter rivalry between Inter and Juventus, reports of Lukaku’s flirtations with the Bianconeri were never likely to go down well with the Nerazzurri’s fans either. Particularly the most hardcore among them.

And the Curva Nord have not held back in their bitter goodbye to Lukaku.

Curva Nord Brand Romelu Lukaku “Villainous Traitor” & “Vile Mercenary”

The Nord write that “Those who betray you once will always do it again.

“Not because they like doing it, just because it’s in their nature.

“Yes, because you, Romelu, betrayed all of us.

“We who staunchly stood behind you even during your worse periods.

“We defended you while the fans of the team who you’re now in talks with mocked us for it,” the Nord recount.

“And now you repay us by stabbing us in the back like this, a betrayal worthy of Brutus.

“You kissed the badge that for us, is worth more than our own lives,” the Nord continued.

“And now here you are selling yourself to the highest bidder like a vile mercenary.

“Before you can become a truly great player, you have to be a man. And you are not a real man.”

The Nord finish off their statement by saying “Goodbye, you villainous traitor.”