Romelu Lukaku has attempted to reconcile with Inter Milan, but the players and directors feel there’s no chance of forgiving the Belgian.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

The shock developments of just over a week ago have left Lukaku scrambling to figure out his future.

And for his part, the Belgian is hoping to jump-start talks with Inter again. Despite having also negotiated with Juventus behind the Nerazzurri’s back, he has apologized profusely for that indiscretion.

Lukaku has been in contact with the Nerazzurri’s directors to ask for forgiveness, and to come back next season.

But for Inter, there is no chance of this.

It is not simply that they have fallen out with Lukaku – it’s about the manner in which talks collapsed.

Romelu Lukaku Hoping For Forgiveness – Inter Milan Tell Him No Chance

Inter’s directors have clearly indicated to Lukaku that there’s no hope of making up after what they see as a serious betrayals.

And it’s not just the directors – it’s also the squad.

Everyone was left baffled by Lukaku’s behaviour of a couple weeks ago.

For weeks, the 30-year-old had been pushing the process of returning from Chelsea, updating Inter’s directors on his summer training, even including videos to show how his preparations were coming along.

Then, when Inter and Chelsea finally looked to be reaching a decisive agreement, the player suddenly went AWOL.

The Gazzetta underline how Lukaku’s former teammates even tried to get in contact with him.

But the Belgian did not answer any of their phone calls or messages. The fact that this went on for several days obviously unnerved Inter, who had made a great financial effort to reach an agreement with Chelsea and were suddenly left panicking over the player’s behaviour.

So on the part of everyone from Inter President Steven Zhang to the players in the dressing room, the stance is clear.

No one feels that it would be appropriate to reconcile with Lukaku at this stage. Regardless of whether or not the player’s apologies are sincere.

The worry at this stage is that the Belgian’s return would create a ticking time bomb within the squad.

Lukaku has lost the trust of the Inter squad, coaching staff, and directors – no one feels that signing him would be a good idea any more.