Lautaro Martinez has revealed that he attempted to contact Romelu Lukaku during the Belgian’s transfer saga, but couldn’t get an answer.

Speaking to Italian news outlet, the Argentine admitted that even he has been disappointed by the way that things ended between the Nerazzurri and Lukaku.

Earlier this month, Lukaku’s story with Inter came to a dramatic and unexpected end.

After the Nerazzurri had been seemingly close to signing the Belgian back from Chelsea on a permanent deal, they discovered that he had been negotiating with Juventus behind their back.

This led Inter to abruptly and angrily pull the plug on talks. Reports suggest that it only took one brief, irate phone call.

Moreover, there have been reports of confusion at Inter amid the situation.

Not only the club directors and coaching staff. Lukaku’s former teammates reportedly tried to reach the 30-year-old to try and figure out what was happening.

And Martinez has confirmed this.

The Argentine, who was Lukaku’s strike partner in three out of the last four seasons, admits that he tried to reach his fellow striker.

But it was to no avail. The Chelsea striker was not reachable during the crucial period when Inter tried to get the deal done.

Lautaro Martinez: Tried To Contact Romelu Lukaku, But Couldn’t

Asked about the situation with Lukaku, Martinez admitted that “I was disappointed. ”

“I tried to call him but he never replied,” he continued.

The Nerazzurri striker went on to reveal that “He did the same with his other teammates.”

“After so many years together, I was disappointed.”

And of being named Inter captain starting next season, Martinez said that “Wearing this armband means taking on more responsibility within the team, inside the dressing room.”

“But I’ve always done that, even before being captain,” he continued.

“I’ve always done everything I can to help my teammates when they need it.”