Italian journalist Ivan Zazzaroni has claimed that striker Romelu Lukaku had already made up his mind to join Juventus over Inter Milan in March.

Writing in his column in today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInter1908, Zazzaroni weighs in on the 30-year-old’s situation.

This summer, Lukaku’s situation has turned into a real soap opera.

The collapse of the Belgian’s relationship with Inter has been at the heart of things.

But the Nerazzurri haven’t been the only club to play a key role. Lukaku reportedly had been negotiating with Juventus behind his former team’s back.

This is what caused Inter to angrily and abruptly pull the plug on talks to sign the Belgian.

Now, the big question is not whether Lukaku could reconcile with Inter – that ship has sailed long ago.

The question, rather, is whether the 30-year-old will join Juventus as anticipated or not.

Zazzaroni Claims Romelu Lukaku Chose Juventus Over Inter In March

The way that Lukaku’s relationship with Inter soured last month came as a sudden shock.

But it also gave the sense that there had been some deeper underlying rift that only came to the surface at that point.

And according to Zazzaroni, the Belgian’s choice goes all the way back to this March.

Of Lukaku, the journalist writes that “I’ve seen him called a serial traitor. I’ve seen suggestions that he has no loyalty, and gave this zero second thoughts.”

“I’ve heard that Inter already made the decision not to take him back in March, when he first made his decision. Then, in June, he made it official.”

“But I find it hard to call him soulless scum for this,” Zazzaroni argues.

“In football, loyalty is a virtue that very few cultivate.”

“Things change, sometimes, relationships wear out, and one or two of the parties decide to take other paths.”