Simone Inzaghi wants to sign Alvaro Morata to be Inter Milan’s next striker, but the club’s directors still need convincing.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera, via FCInterNews.

With the Gianluca Scmacca option now off the table just like that of Romelu Lukaku, Inter are once again getting their bearings in their search for a striker for next season.

Yesterday the club’s directors and Inzaghi held a meeting to discuss their strategy.

According to the Corriere della Sera, the Nerazzurri are still not going to rush things. But, the newspaper reports, a clear theme emerged from the meeting regarding what the respective parties want.

For Inzaghi, the top target is still the same as ever – the coach wants Atletico Madrid striker Morata.

Inzaghi Wants Morata – Inter Directors Still Not Convinced

From Inzaghi’s perspective, the most important thing is to add a reliable, well-rounded Number Nine to the squad.

In this respect, Morata ticks all the boxes.

The Spaniard has four seasons of top-level Serie A experience with Juventus. He’s also played in his share of big Champions League matches with the Bianconeri, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Atletico.

Morata has the kind of out-and-out centre-forward that Inzaghi wants.

The former Lazio coach doesn’t just want a player who can score goals. He also wants a physically strong, battling striker who’ll lead the line and act as a reference point.

Morata would certainly be this type of player.

Moreover, the ex-Juventus striker can also drop into midfield like Edin Dzeko has done all through the last couple seasons.

That’s the kind of profile that Inzaghi wants.

For the Inter directors, however, the thinking is still someone at odds with that of Inzaghi.

The Corriere della Sera report that the Nerazzurri are reluctant to invest around €20 million in a transfer fee and then €5-6 million net per season in wages for a player who is close to turning 31.

Inter’s directors want to make an investment for the future.

Inzaghi, however, feels that the club should pursue the option that will strengthen the team in the immediate term. And Morata is his pick to do that.