Italian journalist Luigi Garlando feels that Davide Frattesi will cause Inter Milan to become a more “vertical” team.

Writing in his column in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews, Garlando also noted that former Juventus wingback Juan Cuadrado can add dribbling quality to the Nerazzurri.

This season, Inter have made plenty of new additions that will change the way that the team plays.

Last season, the Nerazzurri had been a fairly versatile team, capable of either dominating possession or sitting back on the counterattack.

And this time around, Inter coach Simone Inzaghi will have some very different types of profiles at his disposals.

Two of the high-profile signings that Inter have already made are those of Frattesi and Cuadrado.

The coach will have to figure out how to fit these players into his existing setup. And, he will also have to reshape the way the team plays around the new arrivals’ best qualities.

And for his part, Garlando feels that there are a couple things to expect from the new Inter signings.

Davide Frattesi Makes Inter Milan “Vertical” & “Cuadrado Adds Dribbling”

Of Inter’s summer signings, Garlando writes that “Frattesi, excellent in preseason, gives the team more of a goalscoring impetus from midfield along with Barella.”

“He gives the team a new sense of verticality,” he continues.

“For an example, look at the friendly against Paris Saint-Germain,” Garlando writes.

“In the first half Mkhitaryan and Calhanoglu played side by side, the possession got lost in sterile side-to-side passing.”

Garlando calls this “Double playmaker inertia (reminiscent of Calhanoglu and Brozovic).”

“In the second half, Asllani began to dictate a more vertical game,” he continues. “Frattesi attackedthe space in behind him, and the two assists to turn the match around came from the former Sassuolo midfielder.”

Garlando expects “New ideas, such as those of Samardzic, who has the touch and finishing of a trequartista that’s been missing.”

“Inter lacked a lot of dribbling, but Cuadrado brings that, he gives an alternative to Dumfries’s running.”

“The increasing of options makes Inter’s midfield the strongest in the league,” Garlando argues.