Former Nerazzurri President Massimo Moratti feels that it’s better not to have someone like striker Romelu Lukaku at Inter Milan.

Speaking to Italian news outlet, the former Inter President argued that a player with the character of the Chelsea striker is never a good influence at a club.

It would be an understatement to say that Lukaku has caused a stir this summer.

Despite having a strong connection with Inter, Lukaku shocked Inter by negotiating with Juventus. This caused the club directors to pull the plug on talks to sign Lukaku, abruptly and angrily.

It also reportedly baffled the other Inter players. And the fans have not been shy about their feelings either – Inter ultras group the Curva Nord branded Lukaku a “traitor.”

Reports that Lukaku and Juventus have been in talks since March have only further stirred the pot.

Ex-Inter Milan President Moratti Hits Out At Romelu Lukaku

Looking ahead to next season, Moratti said that “We’ve lost a fine centre-in like Edin Dzeke. It won’t be easy to replace him.”

“We need to sign a great centre-forward so that we can fight for the Scudetto,” he continued.

At the remark that he had not mentioned Lukaku, who also will not be coming back to Inter, Moratti replied “Yes, yes, I know he left too.”

“But I deliberately didn’t mention him,” the former President said.

Moratti gave the view that “What he did, first he made a promise, made commitments, and then negotiated behind the club’s back, I didn’t like it just like every fan didn’t like it.

“I was very disappointed by his attitude.

“It’s better that someone like that isn’t coming back. That’s not how we behave,” he argued of why the Belgian doesn’t belong at Inter.

“And it doesn’t matter who he was in negotiations with,” Moratti said, regarding the fact that Lukaku’s antics have been particularly controversial due to the rivalry between Inter and Juventus.

“Whilst I was running things, it didn’t matter, you couldn’t do that with any other clubs.”

“It’s just not something that should be done,” Moratti argued.