Inter Milan and AC Milan joint new San Siro venture has received one final deadly blow.

The two Milanese rivals were hoping to demolish their shared ground and build a new stadium in its stead.

However, the two clubs have faced a host of bureaucratic hurdles, preventing them from going through with their plans. This according to the Milan based media outlet Gazzetta dello Sport reports, as per FcInterNews.

According to the report, the Superintendence had placed a constraint prohibiting the clubs from tearing down the San Siro stadium.  This was due to the cultural and historic value of the second tier.

Furthermore, the regional commission for the cultural heritage in Lombardy has confirmed the decision, putting a definitive end to the New Stadium project.

Second Tier Of San Siro Documents “National & International Success of Inter Milan & AC Milan

“The Regional Commission for the Cultural Heritage of Lombardy, after having examined the attached technical documentation, and acquiring the opinion of the Superintendence for the Metropolitan City of Milan, unanimously expressed a positive opinion on the existence of cultural heritage of the second tier at the San Siro stadium, in view of future verification under art. 12 of Legislative Decree 42/2004,” the official statement released by the commission reads.

“Thus, the committee endorses the proposal of the Superintendence. It should also be noted that the Archival and Bibliographic Superintendence for Lombardy, during the same session, recalled the value of the west grandstand of the stadium as an “exposed archive” for the plaques/epigraphs documenting the national and international successes of Inter and Milan.

“Since it is a “public archive”, as well as a municipal property, it is protected by law according to art. 10, paragraph 2, letter b of Legislative Decree 42/2004″ the statement reads.

But as the source explains, Inter and AC Milan have already been pursuing new plans prior to the official decision. It appears that the two Serie A giants had already envisioned this rejection.

Deadly Blow For Inter And AC Milan Hopes Of Tearing Down San Siro Stadium

The two clubs are now looking to build new stadiums outside the walls of Milano, Inter have identified Rozzano as their possible new home. For their part, Milan’s new ground could take shape in San Donato.

For now, the two rivals will coexist at San Siro awaiting new developments. They still have to pay fees to the municipality of Milan which owns the stadium.

The source also notes that Inter and Milan refused the idea of renovating the Giuseppe Stadium, considering it implausible.