can reveal the backstory leading to Inter Milan pulling out of negotiations to sign Udinese Serbian midfielder Lazar Samardzic.

This follows reports in Italian media over the last 48-72 hours that the deal was close to collapsing after Lazar Samardzic left Milan to return to Udine.

The Serbian midfielder underwent his medical examinations last Wednesday ahead of a transfer to Inter Milan.

However, Lazar Samardzic never signed the contract with Inter Milan. Reports in Italy state this is due to the player’s entourage asking for higher wages. That is, higher than already agreed on.

Agent and lawyer Rafaela Pimenta represented Samardzic as Inter Milan negotiated directly with her from the start.

Reports state there is a dispute between Pimenta and Mladen Samardzic over how agent commissions for the transfer should be shared.

However, according to Serbian media, Mladen Samardzic, Lazar’s father, claims Pimenta never had the authorization to negotiate on his son’s behalf.

Therefore, the father argues, any deal Pimenta negotiated is only binding between Inter Milan and Udinese.

However, Inter Milan flatly rejected this notion, arguing the negotiations with Pimenta covered Lazar Samardzic’s personal terms too. can reveal that Inter Milan proceeded with the medical examinations despite prior knowledge there were unresolved issues between Samardzic’s entourage and the agent, Rafaela Pimenta.

Inter Milan Pull Out – Lazar Samardzic Has Returned To Udinese

According to same Serbian report, Mladen Samardzic asked for new financial terms. This after disagreement with Rafaela Pimenta became known.

He asked for new terms both for his son/client as well as for himself, as his son’s representative. Subsequently, Inter Milan had made it abundantly clear that they were not re-negotiating any terms.

From Inter Milan’s perspective they had already agreed a deal with Lazar Samardzic via talks with Rafaela Pimenta.

Last Saturday, August 12th, the Nerazzurri gave Lazar Samardzic and his entourage 48 hours to honor the agreement. understands Inter communicated to Samardzic’s entourage today once again that there were only two options.

Either Samardzic signs the contract on the table or the deal is off, with Samardzic’s father declining that offer. As a result, Inter Milan consider the matter closed, has learned.

Therefore, Lazar Samardzic has already returned to Udinese who will now decide whether to keep or sell him to another club.

At this point in time it is unclear whether or not Giovanni Fabbian will join Udinese or stay at Inter Milan.