Italian journalist Paolo Condo believes that clubs should steer clear of Romelu Lukaku following his summer fiasco with Inter Milan.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia, via FCInterNews, Condo was critical of the Belgian’s behaviour over the summer.

This summer, Lukaku has completely destroyed his relationship with Inter.

The 30-year-old enraged the Nerazzurri directors, alienated his teammates, and provoked a very negative response from the fanbase.

Whilst Lukaku is hardly the first player to consider a move between Inter and Juventus, the manner of his negotiations with the Bianconeri certainly caused a stir.

The Belgian not only negotiated with Juventus in secret, behind Inter’s back. He also refused to answer phone calls when it looked like the Nerazzurri were close to wrapping up a deal to sign him from Chelsea.

Condo: I’d Be Wary Of Signing Romelu Lukaku As A Club Director

The upshot of Lukaku’s summer of controversy has been that the Belgian’s reputation has taken a major blow.

This has had the effect of casting a lot of doubt about the player’s future.

Naturally, Juventus are one of the main destination to which Lukaku has been linked. However, there is no guarantee that the Bianconeri will actually pull off a deal to sign the 30-year-old from Chelsea.

Meanwhile there have also been other links.

These have ranged from Saudi Pro League clubs, currently in the midst of a summer of lavish spending, to Tottenham Hotspur, on the lookout for a replacement for Harry Kane.

But for Condo, these clubs should be wary.

“I don’t think that he conducted himself in the right way,” the journalist said. “If I were a club director, I wouldn’t sign him at this point.”

Condo also added that “I don’t think that the media did him any favours. They treated him very harshly.”