Juventus have last appeal denied to revoke the Inter Milan 2005-06 Serie A title in the wake of the Calciopoli scandal.

This according to Italian news service ANSA, via FCInterNews, who report that the State Council of the Italian federal government have rejected the Bianconeri’s latest, and final, appeal revoked.

In the wake of the Calciopoli scandal in 2006, the FIGC (Italian FA) revoked Juventus’s Serie A title. That season, the Bianconeri had finished with the most points in the Serie A table.

However, it was a campaign that was mired by scandal, as the Turin giants were at the heart of the Calciopoli scandal that rocked Italian football.

Whilst there were other clubs that suffered points deductions and other sanctions, Juventus received the harshest sentence. This was due to the scope of their involvement in the scandal.

The FIGC Court of Justice relegated the Bianconeri to Serie B during the 2006-07 season as a result.

Nerazzurri city rivals AC Milan had points docked too for their role in the scandal. This meant Inter finished the 2005-06 season top of the Serie A table.

Juventus Have Last Calciopoli Appeal To Revoke Inter Milan’s 2005-06 Title Denied

Over the years since, Juventus have attempted on appeal to revoke Inter’s league title from that season.

The Bianconeri have lodged appeals against all of Inter, the FIGC, and CONI (the Italian National Olympic Committee).

However, none of the previous appeals have been successful. In 2011, an FIGC council rejected an appeal to strip the Nerazzurri of the 200-06 title.

Then, later in the same year, TNAS (the National Court for the Arbitration of Sport) declared themselves unfit to rule on an appeal.

In 2019, a federal College of Guarantees declared the Bianconeri’s appeal to be “inadmissible.”

Then, in 2022, a TAR (Regional Court) in the Lazio region did the same. They heard the Bianconeri’s appeal but deemed it inadmissible.

Now, Juventus have faced another setback in their attempts to revoke Inter’s 2005-06 Serie A title on appeal. The Bianconeri presented their case to the State Council of the Italian federal government.

However, like the other ruling bodies to have looked at the appeals so far, the State Council has denied the appeal.