Inter Milan are annoyed by the recent statements made by the father of midfielder Lazar Samardzic regarding the player’s failed transfer.

This according to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia, via FCInterNews, who report that the comments by Mladen Samardzic claiming that the Nerazzurri and Rafaela Pimenta had essentially cut him out of negotiations for his son’s move elicited a negative reaction.

Earlier today, the father of Udinese midfielder Samardzic gave an interview regarding the 21-year-old’s failed transfer to Inter.

This was the first time Mladen Samardzic has spoken at length about the impasse between he, Inter, and agent Pimenta that caused the deal to collapse.

Mladen Samardzic claimed that Inter, Pimenta, and Udinese completed an agreement virtually without his involvement.

He further claimed that he had never given Pimenta authorization to represent his son. Nor had he ever approved of any of the personal terms that Inter had worked out via the mediation of Pimenta.

That, Mladen claims, is the reason why he asked Inter to renegotiate at the eleventh hour.

Inter Milan Not Happy With Father Of Lazar Samardzic Over Recent Interview

According to Sky, Inter are anything but pleased by what Mladen Samardzic has said.

The club directors have not really spoken publicly about the situation with Samardzic. Nerazzurri Sporting Director Piero Ausilio did obliquely say that reports of what happened are true.

And Nerazzurri CEO Beppe Marotta did seem to aim a dig at Samardzic and his representatives in a recent interview.

Marotta spoke about certainly players not keeping to their word in the transfer market. He did not mention Samardzic by name but it would be tough not to read between the lines.

In any event, now that Mladen Samardzic has given his side of the story in detail, Inter are annoyed at what they see as an inaccurate rendering of the facts.

The failure to sign Samardzic has already provoked anger among many Nerazzurri fans.

Naturally, this has led to some blame of the club and the directors.

Therefore, Sky reports, within the club the feeling is negative at Mladen Samardzic making claims the paint Inter and Pimenta as entirely responsible for the whole embarrassing situation.

Meanwhile, Pimenta herself has also directly responded to Mladen Samardzic’s comments.

She has claimed that she always had full authorization to be part of negotiations. Moreover, the prominent agent has further said that Mladen himself was personally part of negotiations all the way.

Pimenta’s account in fact runs entirely contrary to Mladen Samardzic’s.

Inter, presumably, view the situation in a way much more in line with Pimenta.