Football agent Rafaela Pimenta has completely denied claims made by the father of Lazar Samardzic about the player’s failed transfer to Inter Milan.

Responding to the 21-year-old’s father’s version of events, via, Pimenta claims that she always had full authorization to mediate in Samardzic’s transfer to the Nerazzurri at every step of the process.

Earlier today, Udinese midfielder Samardzic’s father Mladen broke his silence regarding the soap opera that the player’s failed transfer to Inter has become.

The whole debacle has become one of the sensational stories of the transfer window in Serie A.

But there has been a lot of mystery regarding exactly why things went wrong.

And from the perspective of Mladen Samardzic’s father, the issue was simple. Inter made the deal via the mediation of prominent agent Pimenta.

He claims that Pimenta never had any authorization to act as Samardzic’s representative.

Therefore, the Nerazzurri made a big error in failing to agree terms via the former RB Leipzig’s actual representatives, led by his father Mladen. At least according to Mladen himself.

SempreInter exclusively revealed that Inter decided to go through with Samardzic’s medicals even when they knew there were issues between Mladen Samardzic and Pimenta that they hadn’t yet resolved.

But from Pimenta’s perspective, the situation is entirely different.

She feels that she, Inter, Udinese, and Samardzic’s entourage were all on the same page. That is, before the player’s representatives caused the deal to collapse at the eleventh hour.

Pimenta Response To Father’s Claims About Lazar Samardzic – Inter Transfer Collapse

Pimenta was unequivocal in here swift response to what Samardzic’s father Mladen had claimed.

“I’m sorry to see Samardzic’s father justify his actions with these arguments,” she said.

“But for me, the facts speak for themselves.”

Contrary to Mladen’s claims that he had only met Pimenta once, the agent had a completely different version of events.

She says she worked with Mladen “From the meeting I had with him and his wife along with Kolarov in my office in Monte Carlo, through to the numerous calls we made to several clubs, to him asking Udinese to speak directly with me.”

“And I can go on,” she continued to relate her version of the controversial failed transfer.

“There were our meetings at the Inter headquarters. We gave the ok to Inter. We toasted, with [Mladen Samardzic] and his wife in a hotel in Milano.”

“Then there was a video call with his son, to set up the medicals on the move.”

Pimenta recalls “Then, other members of his family arrived, along with a cameraman to shoot a video.”

“And then after all of that, the player’s father made new demands,” the agent claims. This is entirely in contrast to Mladen’s own account.

“And I didn’t agree with them in either substance or form. So at that point, I decided to step aside.”

Pimenta’s account of the events entirely disputes that of Mladen Samardzic. The controversy around the failed transfer seemingly shows no signs of resolution, whilst Inter directors have yet to openly speak about the situation themselves.