Agent Rafaela Pimenta has given a further response to the father of Lazar Samardzic regarding the player’s failed transfer to Inter Milan.

Speaking to the QSVS program on Italian broadcaster Telelombardia, via FCInterNews, Pimenta continued to emphatically deny the version of events that Mladen Samardzic claimed, and further claimed that she can support this with documents and photographs.

Earlier today, Mladen Samardzic gave an interview explaining his side of why his son’s move to Inter fell through.

Mladen represents his son Lazar as his agent. And according to him, he never approved of any of the negotiations that Pimenta mediated.

Pimenta is a prominent football agent, and the successor to the late Mino Raiola.

It was Pimenta who handled the negotiations between Inter and Udinese. She also worked out personal terms between the Nerazzurri and Samardzic.

But according to Mladen, he never authorized Pimenta’s involvement at all.

Therefore, he argues, the agreement between Inter and Samardzic via Pimenta’s mediation is meaningless. That is why he attempted to renegotiate even after his son had undergone medicals on the move.

SempreInter revealed that Inter were aware of potential unresolved issues between Mladen Samardzic and Pimenta.

However, they decided to go through with the medicals for the midfielder anyway. Naturally, this blew up in the club’s faces, as they were left with the embarrassing situation of a complete deadlock in negotiations regarding a player who had already undergone medicals.

And not long after Mladen Samardzic gave his story, Pimenta responded.

She claimed that his version of events is completely false. According to Pimenta, Mladen Samardzic was always a part of negotiations, every step of the way.

Rafaela Pimenta Claims She Has Proof Mladen Samardzic Account Of Inter Saga Not True

Now, Pimenta has further responded to Mladen Samardzic’s claims. As far as why the move fell through, she replied that “I don’t understand why.

“[Mladen Samardzic] and I also met other clubs together, not just Inter,” she said.

She also claimed that “I have a document in which I promised him 50% of the commissions.”

This would certainly be potentially a significant piece of evidence regarding the rumours that Mladen Samardzic and Lazar Samardzic’s entourage were seeking new financial demands from Inter and Pimenta.

And regarding the midfielder’s situation this summer, Pimenta said that “There were two teams strongly interested in Samardzic.”

“We had two meetings with these clubs, and [Mladen] was present. I have photographs of these meetings.”

She clarified that “He didn’t participate in the call with Inter because Inter were in Japan [for a preseason tour] at the time.”

Pimenta noted that “In terms of his age group, Samardzic would have been Inter’s highest paid player.

“I have a message from [Mladen] in which he says they wanted his son to go to Inter,” Pimenta noted.

“Then, [former Inter defender Aleksandar] Kolarov and I confirmed to Inter that their offer has been accepted.

“At that point they set up the medicals.”

Backstory For How Pimenta Came To Represent Lazar Samardzic

A key point of contention has been exactly how Pimenta came to be the representatives of Samardzic.

She claimed that “A couple months ago I was in my office when Aleksandar Kolarov, a great guy, called me. He said there was a Serbian player, Samardzic, who didn’t have an agent, and he wanted to introduce him to me.

“I was happy to accept,” she continued.

She said that “The Kolarov brothers, Samardzic’s parents, and his brother also came to Monte Carlo.

“We talked there, along with an adviser who lives in Germany,” she continued.

“We presented our work and agreed on a project together. I clearly remember what I said and my word is always my word.”

Pimenta said that “When I make a commitment, I go all the way with it.

“Over the past few months we passed a lot of information between ourselves. And slowly the relationship developed.”

Regarding Mladen’s account, Pimenta said that “I only agree on one point. That in the beginning, a lot was done over the phone, because Samardzic’s father lives in Germany.”

“We figured out where we should be looking in the market for clubs, and we all agreed Italy. So we began intensifying our search there.”

She claimed that “At a certain point Udinese also became more active. So much so that the player’s father told them not to talk to him any more, but to talk to me!”

How Negotiations With Inter Began

“I spoke to Udinese on their behalf,” Pimenta said of how this summer transfer window was approached.

“We came to understand that there were some clubs interested in him, and who would potentially be able to take the next step.”

“We identified two clubs who both wanted to sign him, and could afford to,” Pimenta noted.

“I set up two meetings myself.

“[Mladen] and Lazar both had a lot of questions,” she said of the midfielder and his father’s part in the search for a new club.

“The first thing to understand in a transfer is always the technical side of it, the pitch.”

“And then we met with Inter, as you know, it’s all recorded.”

Pimenta claimed that “I have the Zoom photos. In that meeting the father was not there, I don’t know if it was due to his connection or scheduling confusion.”

Pimenta noted that “Inter were in Japan at the time, so it was late there. So much so that I asked Lazar if we could go ahead without his father.”

“He said go ahead, we discussed the technical side of the transfer. Every time we had these meetings I asked Nikola Kolarov to be present so that he could translate into Serbian.

“After these meetings Lazar decided that he’d think for several days whether he wanted Inter. And then the negotiation began,” Pimenta siad. “There was the usual back-and-forth.”

How Inter Thought They’d Signed Lazar Samardzic

“With what we negotiated in the end, he would have been Inter’s highest paid player in his age group,” Pimenta was clear.

“And I told the father that he had to come in person. I didn’t want to close the deal without the club directors and his family looking each other in the eyes.”

“And in fact the Saturday before the medicals, they came to Milano,” Pimenta said.

“We met with Inter, and everything was explained.

“His family was asked to say yes or not within a day. After a few hours I met them in a hotel. They told me that they decided that he’d join Inter, they were happy with the offer.”

“So, out of respect for the parents, we called Inter and gave confirmation from his father,” Pimenta said.

“We also had a toast to celebrate, the only thing that remained then were the medicals and signing his contract.”

“Here I’ll just stop and say one thing,” Pimenta noted.

“When you say yes to a club, it sets a number of other things in motion. The fate of another player was also in the balance – Fabbian.”

Young midfielder Fabbian had looked close to joining Udinese from Inter as part of a cash-plus-player deal for Samardzic.

Instead, Fabbian has joined Bologna this summer, after the Samardzic deal fell through.

“You have to think beforehand about whether to make a commitment.”

Pimenta gave the view that “I can understand if there are things that don’t add up in the contract or in the medicals.

“But if you say yes to an offer with the conditions presented, the deal is done for me. That’s how I’ve always worked, for thirty years,” Pimenta said.

Pimenta Says She Never Had Exclusive Right To Represent Lazar Samardzic

Pimenta gave a scathing assessment of why Mladen Samardzic has made the claims that he has. “I’m not inside his head and I don’t know why Mladen says certain things.”

“He and I also talked to other clubs, not just Inter,” she continued.

Pimenta continued by saying “I don’t have written mandates to exclusively represent anyone! Everyone knows my organization doesn’t do that.”

“The only thing that exists is a document in which I promised the father half of the commission,” she continued. “I can tell you that much.”

“Personal relationships are what matter to me,” Pimenta said on whether she takes promises seriously or expects formal mandates.

“Then the regulations state that many times you must sign a mandate.

“The players are free to do what they want,” Pimenta said.

“I’ve never imposed a penalty on anyone. I’ve kicked people out of my organization because of how they’ve wanted to do things that way.”

Pimenta said that “We never force anyone into a binding relationship. On the contrary.”

She said of how she maintains relationships with players that she represents that “If you’re happy with my work, stay. Otherwise, leave.”

“I want people to be happy. But if you’re going to change your demands all of a sudden, I’m not interested.”