Former Inter Milan defender Daniele Adani feels that the entire situation with Romelu Lukaku this summer is sad.

Speaking on Christian Vieri’s Twitch channel, via FCInter1908, the former defender gave his thoughts on the controversy surrounding the Belgian’s move to the Nerazzurri falling through this summer.

The entire story between Inter and Lukaku turned into nothing short of a soap opera this summer.

It had long looked as though the Nerazzurri would do everything they could to bring the 30-year-old back from Chelsea.

However, after the revelation that Lukaku had been negotiating with Juventus, they pulled out of the deal abruptly and angrily.

The issue hadn’t so much been the fact that the striker was open to joining the Bianconeri. Rather, Inter directors were furious that he had virtually hidden everything.

Moreover, Lukaku reportedly didn’t answer phone calls from the club directors. And not even from his former teammates.

Nerazzurri captain Lautaro Martinez has confirmed exactly that.

Ex Inter Defender Adani Says Romelu Lukaku Situation Is “Sad”

Adani said that “The whole Lukaku situation is sad.”

“I can assure you that I had a lot of respect for him,” he continued.

“I listened to him willingly. And I tried to be understanding.”

“But the things that came out this summer were sad, and they disappointed me on a personal level.”

“Hearing his teammates say he wasn’t responding to their messages and call, it’s ridiculous,” Adani said.

“It’s like he was trying to play his hand at three or four different tables.”

Then, Adani gave the view that “It’s like he’s entirely lost his reference point.”

At the moment, Lukaku is still at Chelsea.

The Nerazzurri did not sign the Belgian. And whilst Juventus have shown an interest in his signature, they have not actually made a move to bring him in.