Benjamin Pavard has gone on “strike” to force a transfer from Bayern Munich to Inter Milan before the transfer window closes.

This according to German tabloid Bild, via FCInterNews. The German outlet notes that there has never really been a case of this nature in the Bavarian giants’ history.

Pavard is now strongly pushing to leave Bayern and join Inter.

The Frenchman is leaving his current club in absolutely no doubt as to his stance. He wants to make the switch to the Nerazzurri as soon as possible.

As part of his push to get the transfer, Pavard has skipped several training sessions with the German champions.

In three of the past four days, the former Stuttgart has been absent from training.

According to Bild, there is not really even a pretense for why Pavard has missed training yesterday on Friday.

The Frenchman is very openly indicating to Bayern that he only has one priority. He wants them to green light the transfer to Inter as soon as possible, and doesn’t want them to entertain the possibility of keeping him for the season.

Benjamin Pavard On “Strike” At Bayern As Defender Pushes For Inter

Pavard’s contract with Bayern runs out at the end of next June.

Therefore, if the 27-year-old former Stuttgart defender really wants to leave, he shouldn’t have to wait long to do so. He can depart on a free transfer in less than twelve months’ time.

However. Pavard evidently is determined to join Inter for this season, no matter what.

Bayern have been hoping to keep hold of the defender at least until they bring in a replacement.

But from the player’s perspective, he has lost patience with the Bavarians’ search for a replacement.

Pavard is making no effort whatsoever to hide his intentions – he wants Bayern to grant him a transfer to Inter.

And so for the first time in their history, the German champions have a player on their hands who has effectively gone on “strike” to try and leave for another club.