A financial report reveals the minimum income that Inter Milan and other Serie A representatives will receive from their Champions League participation.

After learning the identities of all 32 teams, the group stage draw will take place on Thursday afternoon (6:00 pm CET).

The Nerazzurri will be among four Italian clubs taking part in the competition. Simone Inzaghi’s men finished third in Serie A last term.

Calcio e Finanza via FcInterNews revealed how much each Serie A club will collect in the worst-case scenario.

This would occur if a club gets eliminated from the group stage without registering any wins, while the other Italian clubs went on to reach the final stages of the competition.

First of all, each club will earn 15.64 million euros just by taking part in the group stage.

Inter Milan Will Collect A Minimum Of 41 Million Euros From This Season’s Edition Of The Champions League.

Then, UEFA distributes 600 million based on the clubs’ historical ratings (depending on their European results from the last ten seasons).

The largest Italian share goes to Napoli, with 22.75 million euros. Inter follows with 20.5 million while AC Milan will collect 19.3M. The lowest figure goes to Lazio, around 15.9 million euros.

As for the market pool, the four Italian clubs will share 34 million euros. The first 17 million will be divided based on last season’s Serie A standings. The other 17M depends on how many matches each team will play in UCL this season.

According to this report, Inter will collect a minimum of 41 million euros overall. On the other hand, Napoli should be able to pocket 47.5M in the worst-case scenario, whereas Milan and Lazio can guarantee 39M.