Legendary former striker Adriano feels that Inter Milan are a family for him.

The Brazilian icon spoke in the matchday programme for this evening’s Serie A clash between the Nerazzurri and Fiorentina.

Adriano is one of the players who really left his mark on Inter’s recent history.

He initially joined in 2001. Then it was between 2003 and 2009 that the former forward really shone.

Adriano made a total of 163 appearances for Inter in that spell. He scored 73 goals for the club.

During his time at Inter, Adriano was widely regarded as one of the most unstoppable forwards in all of European and world football.

The Brazilian possessed a rare combination of pace, strength, acceleration, and technical ability.

Adriano became Inter’s talisman in attack during those seasons – particularly the 2004-05 and 2005-06 campaigns.

And in return, the Nerazzurri also gave plenty back to Adriano. Even now, with his playing career over and his time as an Inter player more than a decade in the past, the Brazilian still feels very much a part of the club, as much as ever.

Adriano Says Inter Milan “A Part Of My Life” & “My Family”

Adriano said that “Football was and is everything in my life.”

“For a boy born in a favela, certain things may seem impossible,” he continued.

“Thanks to football, I was able to give a better life to my family. I was able to travel the world. It was everything in my life.”

Adriano noted that “I experienced a lot of incredible moments at Inter.”

“When I close my eyes the goal I see is the free kick I scored at the Bernabeu on August 14, 2001,” he recalled. “They say that ball travelled 170 km/hour.”

“That’s unforgettable for me,” he said.

Adriano made clear that “Inter is a part of life for me. It’s my family, and it’s the club that I’ll always love and support.”