Inter Milan have formally presented their plans for a new stadium project in the area of Rozzano outside Milano.

This according to Italian news outlet, who report that Nerazzurri CEO as well as other directors presented the project to the Mayor of Rozzano, as well as of Assago, and feel that there is a positive and constructive dynamic to continue with plans.

Inter are now moving fully in the direction of building a stadium outside the city of Milano.

The Nerazzurri look to have, for all intents and purposes, given up on the idea of building in place of the San Siro.

Therefore, Inter are starting to take serious steps in other areas.

One is the Rozzano commune. The Nerazzurri have already gained the exclusive right to conduct a feasibility study in a suitable area in Rozzano, from land development company Infrafin.

And there have also been reports that Inter have signed documents that could allow them to build in the commune of Assago.

Both areas are outside the city of Milano. They are within the greater metropolitan area and close by, but not within the limits of the city proper.

Inter Milan Formally Present New Stadium Plans In Rozzano

Recent reports have suggested that Inter are moving full speed ahead with plans in the Rozzano area.

And now, the Nerazzurri have officially presented their plans.

The Gazzetta report that Inter Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello was present at meetings with both the Mayor of Rozzano, and of Assago today.

Along with Antonello was Inter COO Mark van Huukslot. Also present were executives from the development firm Infrafin.

After the meeting, the Gazzetta report that Antonello remarked, “We’ve taken formal steps down the path that leads to the development of the area that we’ve identified in Rozzano. These plans could also concern other areas such as Rozzano.”

“The meeting with both administrations that was held today had a dynamic where everyone showed a strong willigness to collaborate,” the Inter executive added.

According to the Gazzetta, Inter’s plans do not only concern the building of a stadium that can host sporting events.

The plans could also including shopping, restaurants, and other entertainment.

The Gazzetta report that Inter’s plans as presented in today’s meeting are for a stadium with up to 70,000 seats. That is not far off from the capacity of the current San Siro.