Former Nerazzurri defender Daniele Adani feels that Inter Milan are more than just a counterattacking team.

Speaking on Christian Vieri’s Twitch channel, via FCInterNews, the former defender gave his thoughts on the Nerazzurri’s style of play.

Inter Inter’s first four matches of the season, they have had the majority of possession on only one occasion.

That was against newly-promoted Cagliari.

On the opening day victory over Monza, the Nerazzurr were narrowly edged in the possession battle by the Brianzoli.

And then against Fiorentina and AC Milan, Inter were clearly second best purely in terms of holding onto the ball.

But Inter are the only team to have won all four of their opening matches in Serie A.

Moreover, it is in the two matches where Inter have had the least possession – against Fiorentina and Milan – where they’ve produced the most emphatic scorelines.

Inter thrashed both La Viola and the Rossoneri by four-goal margins. Incisive counterattacks were key to these results.

This could lead to some suggestions that the counterattack is Inter’s most – or only – potent weapon.

But former defender Adani doesn’t quite think that that’s the case.

Adani: Inter Milan More Than Just A Counterattacking Team

Adani said that “I like this Inter, they’re not just a counterattacking team.”

“When they actually play with the ball, it’s always great to see,” he continued.

“That’s not the only way they’ve ever played,” Adani continued.

“There are plenty of other aspects, which I’m basing that on. They can keep hold of possession well, they press well, vary the pace.”

“And it’s no coincidence that Thuram is playing better than he ever has before, I’ve never seen him play like this.”

“It shows that, he’s 26, he can still improve from here,” he said of the French international striker.

“The credit for that has to go to the whole group, and to Inzaghi. And also to Lautaro, who has done everything he can to help [Thuram] fit in.”