Arabic news outlet Abu Dhabi Sports reports that InvestCorp are serious about buying Inter Milan and that negotiations have been ongoing for “months.”

Abud Dhabi Sports journalist Turki Alghamdi claims in a tweet that the Bahrain-based fund have put an offer worth €1.3 billion on the table.

Rumours about a possible change in owner have been persistent in recent years.

And in the past couple of days, another round of reports have come out.

These have centred around the possibility of an offer that would actually be large enough to meet Suning’s valuation.

Specifically, Bahrain-based fund InvestCorp have been at the centre of these rumours.

This is not the first time that there have been linked between the fund and a possible purchase of Inter.

But recent reports suggest that InvestCorp have indicated that they are willing to make an offer as high as €1.3 billion to purchase Inter.

This would be in excess of the €1 billion that Suning are widely reported to have set as something of a minimum threshold at which point they would listen to a bid.

Moreover, there are also reports that InvestCorp are now in the stage of due diligence on the move.

Abu Dhabi Sports: InvestCorp Interest In Buying Inter Milan From Suning Serious

Italian journalist Marco Bellinazzo has cast doubt on the idea that due diligence is underway.

The journalist expects that there has been no formal offer made yet. This would be necessary for the process of due diligence to advance.

However, Abu Dhabi Sports journalist Daghmadi believes that, regardless of the formalities, the interest from Suning is serious.

He writes that “Negotiations began months ago.”

“Now everything depends on Zhang, and whether or not his inclination is to accept the offer.”

“InvestCorp are serious, and have made a huge offer. We’re talking about an amount in the region of €1.3 billion.”