Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi admits that his team came unglued against Sassuolo after Domenico Berardi scored against them.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster DAZN after the match, via FCInterNews, the coach reacted to his team’s first loss of the season.

Inter’s perfect start to the season was always likely to have to come to an end sooner or later.

And at the San Siro this evening, it came to an absolutely screeching halt.

In the first half, Inter looked fairly comfortable. They found the back of the net in first half stoppage time through Denzel Dumfries.

But in the second, it was a different story.

Sassuolo looked to get at Inter and cause them problems right away. And the Nerazzurri defense creaked.

Midfielder Nedim Bajrami scored the Neroverdi’s first to begin the comeback. It was no more than Sassuolo deserved after some very positive play.

But it was a stunning long-range effort by Domenico Berard that really took the wind out of Inter’s sails.

Inter did have plenty of time to produce a response.

But in truth, they created few meaningful chances to get anything out of the match.

Inter Coach Inzaghi Admits Lack Of Composure Vs Sassuolo

Reflecting on the match, Inzaghi said that “We had a good first half.”

“Based on what we created we should have scored more than just the one goal,” he continued.

“In the second half we started well. Then there was an error for the equalizing goal, and from there on we lost composure.”

“And then Berardi scored a worldy,” Inzaghi noted.

As far as this evening’s defeat compared to a difficult match against Real Sociedad, Inzaghi said that “They have similarities.”

“But in the first half we did well. We allowed just two counterattacks.”

“That was when we needed to have done better,” the Inter coach said “We got the ball into the penalty area a number of times. We needed to score more goals.”

“And then when a match is balance, sometimes the individual moments go against you,” Inzaghi lamented.

“We needed to do better at maintaining our shape and our composure. Otherwise it becomes difficult against a team like Sassuolo.”

Inzaghi said of Sassuolo’s match-winner Berardi, “All due credit to him.”

“We know who he is and we know what an incredible shot he has,” he said of the Sassuolo forward.

“It’s the kind of world-class goal that you rarely see. But it’s there that we needed to be more of a team and keep the distances between the lines.”

“We created a bit, but not with the same kind of composure we’d maintained for the first 65 minutes.”

Inzaghi also updated on the condition of forward Alexis Sanchez. “He’s fine doing well.”

“He’ll give us a big help, he trains with us and knows our methods.”

Inzaghi noted that “Obviously the injury to Carlos Augusto takes away some of our rotations options. But we’ll move forward in the best way we can, and also get players like Cuadrado and Sensi back.”