The Mayor of the commune of Rozzano has made no secret of the fact that Inter Milan building a stadium in the area would be a “great opportunity.”

Speaking on the commune’s official Facebook account, via FCInterNews, Rozzano Mayor Gianni Ferretti addressed the Inter stadium situation.

Earlier this month, Inter formally presented new stadium plans to the commune of Rozzano.

They are now moving fully in the direction of building a stadium outside the city of Milano.

The Nerazzurri look to have, for all intents and purposes, given up on the idea of building in place of the San Siro.

Therefore, Inter are starting to take serious steps in other areas.

The Nerazzurri have already gained the exclusive right to conduct a feasibility study in a suitable area in Rozzano, from land development company Infrafin.

And there have also been reports that Inter have signed documents that could allow them to build in the commune of Assago.

Both areas are outside the city of Milano. They are within the greater metropolitan area and close by, but not within the limits of the city proper.

Mayor Of Rozzano Calls Inter Milan Stadium Project A “Great Opportunity”

After the meetings a couple weeks ago, there is no doubt about Inter’s intentions.

The Nerazzurri are moving forward in a serious manner to try and get started in Rozzano.

Rozzano Mayor Ferretti said that “For us, the stadium would be a great opportunity.”

“And perhaps along with it, a subway could also come in.”

The Mayor explained that “The club are currently working on a feasibility study. The exclusive rights to do so will expire at the end of April 2024.”

He noted that “The building rights on that area have accrued since 1993.”

“If the stadium were not built, there would be residences, offices, commercial activities, and hotels,” Ferretti said.

But he made clear that “Between the two options, the stadium is preferable for a variety of reasons.”

“For starters, there would already be a lot of related activities that would arise in the building of the stadium.”