Inter Milan are aiming to move into a new stadium in the Rozzano for the start of the 2028-29 season.

This according to Italian news outlet, who report that the Nerazzurri have not changed their timeline despite the fact that they’re now moving plans away from the San Siro.

Now it looks very clear. Inter will aim to build a new stadium in the Rozzano area rather than in the city limits of Milano.

The commune is part of the greater metropolitan area, but not within the city limits.

Inter have obtained the exclusive right to conduct a feasibility study regarding building in the area.

And they have also met with the Mayors of both Rozzano and the neighbouring Assago commune. The Nerazzurri have presented their plans for building a new stadium.

According to the Gazzetta, the municipality of Rozzano will meet in November. There they will discuss whether to give Inter approval to go ahead with the project.

If this approval arrives, then the administrative process can begin in January of next year.

Inter Milan Aiming To Start Playing In New Stadium In Rozzano In 2028

According to the Gazzetta, based on these factors, Inter are hoping that they can begin construction on a new stadium in the Rozzano area by 2025.

Then, the club are hoping that the stadium will be ready to host competitive fixtures by the start of the 2028-29 season.

That had also been the point at which Inter were hoping to move into a new stadium that would replace the San Siro.

But even if the Nerazzurri were to change their plans away from the San Siro, they’re still sticking to the 2028 date.

The Gazzetta note that Inter will not just build a new stadium in the area. Rather, the club aim to build a comprehensive development including commercial activities, the club museum, club offices, and other sporting facilities.

These would include five-a-side football pitches.

At the centre of it, of course, would be the new stadium. Inter are hoping to construct a new stadium with a capacity of around 70,000 seats.

This would not be far off from the amount of seats at the San Siro.

The Gazzetta also report that the Nerazzurri will continue to work with architectural design firm Populous.

Populous had designed the stadium that was to replace the San Siro. Inter will still go with a design from the firm.

The Gazzetta also note that one of the main potential issues with building a new stadium in the Rozzano would be the amount of traffic that a stadium would create.

However, in this sense, the circumstances could be quite fortuitous for Inter. The Forum of Assago will host figure skating and other events during the 2026 winter Olympics.

This will mean that there will be significant developments in infrastructure during the