Arabic journalist Turki Al Ghamdi insists that Investcorp have made the decision to purchase Inter Milan, but everything depends on current owners Suning.

The Chinese company is currently facing some financial difficulties which could prompt its exit from the club.

In May 2024, the Oaktree loan will be due. Therefore, Suning must either pay it or refinance it. However, a sale could offer the company an escape route.

In recent weeks, Investcorp has emerged as a serious suitor. The Bahrain-based company could be looking to acquire the club’s shares from Suning.

According to Arabic journalist Turki Al Ghamdi, Investcorp would take Inter to the next level with their high ambitions.

“Our community knows the company very well (which today manages 50 billion euros). They know it has a great and prosperous future ahead of it,” said Al Ghamdi in an interview with Tuttosport via FcInterNews.

“They have never failed in any project they decided to put their hands on. They will allocate around 1.3 billion euros to purchase Inter.

“However, they will have to persuade Steven Zhang (Inter Milan president). Investcorp’s next profit will come from developing the team and achieving local and international success.

“It will be essential to have its own stadium to enjoy enormous annual revenues. This is the case with all other top clubs in the world.

“The company has various assets all around the world. It has been managing it positively.

Al Ghamdi Expects Investcorp To Splash The Cash To Take Inter Milan To The Top, But The Purchase Depends On Suning

“They made a decision a while ago to purchase a football club as a new asset to add to the portfolio. They have now picked Inter as it is a team suitable for investments.

“The Nerazzurri have a large fan base and indebted owners that will have to sell. Inter has an important history and is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. With a proper stadium, the profits would be gigantic.

“Everything depends on Steven Zhang. Here, in the Arab countries there are so many Inter fans who follow the team with great passion.

“Investcorp’s target would be to win everything. At national and international levels. Therefore they would focus on signing great champions to achieve these objectives,” concluded Al Ghamdi.