Italian journalist Fabio Ravezzani feels that this Inter Milan team are still overly reliant on their captain Lautaro Martinez.

Ravezzani reacted to the Nerazzurri’s Serie A win over Salernitana, via FCInterNews, a match where Martinez proved absolutely vital.

Martinez once again proved his worth to Inter with his remarkable four-goal haul against Salernitana on Saturday.

The Argentine was not in the starting eleven for the match. But once he came on, he left his mark.

In truth, before Martinez’s introduction Inter had been struggling to find fluency in attack.

The Nerazzurri lacked a real reference point in attack, or a player who could finish off their attacking move.

But almost as soon as Martinez came on, there looked to be more coherency and fluidity for Inter across the pitch.

Martinez gave an entirely different dimension to Inter’s play compared to when the team started the match.

The 26-year-old brought a natural striking instinct to the pitch. That had not really been the case when it was Alexis Sanchez pairing Marcus Thuram in the front pairing.

Whilst Martinez did not exactly hang off the last line of the Salernitana defense, there was no question that he was comfortable up against the Granata defenders.

Martinez instantly added shrewd attacking movement that the Salernitana players proved unable to deal with. He was regularly able to enter the penalty area and get on the end of dangerous chances.

Ravezzani: Inter Too Dependent On Lautaro Martinez

“If you have an attacker who scores goals, you’ve solved 90% of your problems,” Ravezzani said.

“The match against Salernitana was emblematic in that respect,” he continued. “It made clear that the derby performance was in some ways unrepeatable, particularly given that Milan played right into their hands.”

“But in the first half the Nerazzurri struggled more than one might expect.”

Ravezzani argued that “There was one moment that said it all. From just outside the six-yard box Sanchez shot high and wide with a left-footed effort.”

He continued, “Imagine if Lautaro had been in his place.”

“When you have a striker who scores four goals in 35 minutes, everything else is just philosophy,” Ravezzani argued.

He said that “Inter are very Lautaro-dependent – they lack another such reliable striker.”

“Thuram started well, but he’s not the Lukaku from the season they won the title.”

“If they want to win the biggest trophies, Inter needs Thuram still needs to continue to improve.”