Simone Inzaghi gave his Inter Milan team a message at halftime in order to go out and turn the screw against Benfica in the second half of yesterday evening’s Champions League win over Benfica.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset after the match, via FCInterNews, the coach related his words to the team.

Inter produced a decent display against Benfica in the first half of yesterday evening’s group stage encounter.

But it was hardly an emphatic one.

Neither sides managed to score during the half. And it was not as though there were many good chances to do so.

But in the second half it was an entirely different story.

The Nerazzurri both contained Benfica’s threat on their own goal, and created a litany of chances to score at the other end.

It was only a 1-0 margin of victory for Inter. This meant that the team had to suffer a nervier last few minutes than they’ll have wanted to.

But in terms of the quality of the performance, it was a dominant victory from Inter in the second half.

Simone Inzaghi Reveals Halftime Message To Inter Squad Vs Benfica

Inzaghi said that “I told the guys that we had to be in the game and focused, Benfica reached the quarter-finals last year and won their league.”

The coach noted that “I congratulated the guys afterwards.”

“Let’s not forget that we returned at 3:30 in the morning from Salerno, and Benfica had played the day before us.”

“The guys were amazing, I saw them play a second half with incredible intensity,” the Inter coach continued.

“We did well, even if we hit the post, the crossbar, and also had some incredible saves from Trubin,” he continued.

“We kept our heads despite all of that,” the coach went on. “We could’ve been luckier, I congratulated the guys.”

Of the San Siro during the match, Inzaghi said “It was a wonderful crowd. The Curva were right their behind us.”

“They helped push us on and I want to thank them.”