Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta discussed his early beginnings in sports management and revealed his key to success.

The 66-year-old established himself as one of the most successful directors in Italian football.

In his previous stints, he led Sampdoria to the Champions League and launched a nine-year winning dynasty at Juventus.

He joined the Nerazzurri in 2018, helping the club regain its footing at the domestic and continental levels.

Nevertheless, his ventures in the sport date back to his time at his hometown club Varese.

Marotta reckons that the club’s success at the time evoked his passion for sports management.

“This aspiration began as a child inside the oratory where the dream of becoming a sports manager began to take shape,” said the Inter director in his interview with Sportium Magazine via FcInterNews.

“Another favorable circumstance coincided with Varese’s success. The football and basketball teams were playing at very high levels.

“This combination of elements meant that my managerial activity in the world of football began right there because, from the ranks at Varese Calcio, I went on to occupy various roles until I became general manager.”

When it comes to his secret to success, Marotta argues it lies in his ability to build a winning team on and off the pitch.

“My secret is knowing how to build a winning team, on and off the pitch, which is not only the one under the spotlight, but rather the one made up of people who are extremely valuable for achieving the objectives we work on every day.

“Within an organization, there are many figures, from the ones who have the simplest tasks to those who have greater responsibilities. But the important thing is to instill a winning mentality.

“This doesn’t only mean reaching a winning goal, but knowing how to give your best in whatever you do.”

Inter Milan CEO Giuseppe Marotta Reveals His Secret For Building A Winning Team

The former Juventus general director also emphasized on the importance of youth sectors in football clubs.

“The youth sectors of the clubs play a fundamental role. In my opinion, the big clubs must invest more and more in the development of their training facilities.

“This means, first of all guaranteeing adequate structures, because if the structures are lackluster, you cannot carry out activities.

“Secondly, it is necessary that the trainers have the skills to do so, not only from a sporting point of view but also from a human standpoint.”

Finally, Marotta insisted that Inter must preserve the identity that developed over the decades.

“Inter is a club that is now more than 115 years old. Beyond all the changes that occurred over the years, it is a brand that carries within it centuries-old values, emotions and dedication.

“Continuity means, above all, preserving the identity traits that inspired the creation of Inter.

“These are values ​​that played a fundamental role in the club’s history. This features great players and coaches who left their mark at the club.

“Today, the task of the young talents is to safeguard the heritage of the club. This doesn’t only include the trophies, but the values that made these achievements possible.”