Striker Romelu Lukaku has hit out at the rumours surrounding his summer soap opera with Inter Milan, branding them “bullsh*t.”

The 30-year-old Belgian international, currently of Roma, claimed in a press conference as reported by FCInterNews that the truth of what happen would “shock” everyone.

Lukaku’s situation during the summer was one of the soap operas of the entire transfer window.

The Belgian’s acrimonious split with Inter seemed to come out of nowhere. And by all accounts, he alienated everyone from the club directors to his former teammates at the Nerazzurri.

What is clear is that Lukaku has burned his bridges with Inter.

The 30-year-old ended up joining Roma as there was no chance of reconciliation with his old club.

Somewhat less certain were the exact circumstances surrounding Lukaku and Inter.

Reports suggested that the player angered his former club by negotiating extensively with Juventus behind their backs. There were also reports that the Belgian refused to answer phone calls from Inter directors and former teammates as they sought answers.

For his part, however, Lukaku has branded these rumours to be “bullsh*t.”

The player hasn’t gone into much detail. But he has heavily implied that the real story was a lot different than most people believe.

Romelu Lukaku: A Lot Of “Bullsh*t” About Inter Soap Opera

“Most of the people here know me,” Lukaku said.

“You know that I don’t like to beat around the bush,” he said.

“I’ll speak bout it in time, but if I really said what happened last summer, everyone would be shocked.”

“There were times when I could have really exploded. Five years ago I probably would have.”

The 30-year-old said that “A lot was said and written about me last summer. And among this, a lot of bullsh*t was said.”

“Now I’ve focused on what I can do well – play football.”

Lukaku said that “I’ve worked hard all summer.”

“I also have to thank Radja Nainggolan for contacting Roma,” he added.

The striker claimed that “I don’t talk much off the pitch. That isn’t my style. I prefer to do my talking on the pitch.”

“But sometimes it’s also right to tell people what happened and what didn’t.”

“I think I’ll do so one day,” Lukaku said.

As for why he isn’t saying anything just yet, the Belgian said “So I can focus on football.”

“When I say things, they get taken out of context,” he added. “And I don’t want that to. I want to stay on the path that I’m on, now that I’m fit.”