Bayern Munich legend Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says his club was hoping to maintain the services of Inter Milan defender Benjamin Pavard.

The 68-year-old represented both the Bavarian giants and the Nerazzurri during his illustrious playing career. He currently serves as a member of the Supervisory Board at Bayern.

The German icon discussed his three-year stint at Inter between 1984 and 1987.

“We were a great team, the only thing I didn’t understand was why we didn’t win a scudetto,” said Rummenigge while appearing as a guest at Festival dello Sport via FcInterNews.

“The first year, in 1984, we were strong in all departments, but at a certain moment, we dropped our guard and lost precious points. Just as it happened at Inter two seasons ago.”

The Bayern legend also praised the Nerazzurri for their comprehensive progress during the course of last season.

“Inter were in our Champions League group. After the first match in Milan which we won 2-0, their progress perplexed me.

“They comfortably qualified while also playing very well in the return fixture in Munich. Inter grew round after round, they deserved to reach the final.

“They could have won in Istanbul but they can be very happy with the journey. I was convinced that Inter could win, and the moment Lukaku entered the pitch there were several opportunities to score.”

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Reveals Bayern Munich Were Hoping To Maintain Inter Milan Defender Benjamin Pavard

Rummenigge says Bayern didn’t try to stop Yann Sommer from joining Inter. However, Benjamin Pavard’s case was significantly different.

“Did we make them suffer to get Sommer? No, but we had an agreement, we wanted to find a fair price.

“However, Pavard was much more complicated because we honestly didn’t want to sell him at the beginning.

“Then Inter entered the field. offering an acceptable sum. We sold him because his contract was expiring.

“They also signed Thuram without paying a single euro, as a free agent. They fished well on the market.

“Inter started the season well. Their only flaw is that they lose precious points as with Bologna. In the end, this can weigh on the final standings.

“The pace is not the problem, it’s all in the head. Inter have a spectacular game, I’m convinced they will do good. The important thing is to concentrate 100% even on the easy games.